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Tutorial: How to use DAOHaus
October 11th, 2021

DAOhaus is a no-code platform for launching and operating DAOs. DAOs have used DAOhaus software to raise more than $50m and distribute almost $20m. On the Daohaus platform, you can discover and join existing DAOs, as well as launch your own. Launching a DAO on Daohaus provides a landing page where others can pledge to join.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the core actions to participating in a DAOHaus DAO: How to join a DAO, create a proposal, sponsor a proposal, vote on a proposal and process a proposal.

Join the DAOHaus Discord

  1. Join DAOhaus discord #haus-roles to get Scholar role
  2. Use the !join command to get the foundations roles.

Join the FoundationsDAO

You will need to follow the steps in this first section to join as a member of FoundationsDAO. Before you can make a proposal you’ll need to acquire at least 1 HAUS token and at least 0.05 Wrapped xDai.

Acquire at least 1 HAUS token and at least 0.05 Wrapped xDai

  • Make sure you have added the xDAI network to your Metamask and bridge DAI to xDAI.
  • Get HAUS from a DEX (Decentralized Exchange). You will need acquire 1 HAUS for this quest.
    • We recommend using Honeyswap:
      • Select xDAI and HAUS.
      • Exchange xDAI for 1 HAUS.
      • You can add the HAUS token to your Metamask using the HAUS token contract: 0xb0c5f3100a4d9d9532a4cfd68c55f1ae8da987eb
  • Get Wrapped xDAI so you can sponsor someone’s proposal.
  • You’ll need at least 0.05 Wrapped xDai to sponsor someone’s proposal.

Make a proposal in FoundationsDAO

  • Open the DAOHaus App.
  • Find the FoundationsDAO in the DAOHaus Explorer.
  • Click on “New Proposal +”
  • Select “Request shares for tokens”:
    • Request Shares For Tokens
      • Title: Request to Join The FoundationsDAO
      • Shares Requested: 1 Share
      • Tribute Offered: 1 HAUS
  • Unlock HAUS token
  • You have to wait until it shows that the token has been approved.
  • It will tell you that a proposal has been submitted in the top right notifications in green. Wait 24 hours for someone to sponsor your post

Once the vote and grace period has past, you will become a member of the FoundationsDAO, and gain new privileges. Some of those privileges include: sponsoring proposals, voting on proposals and processing proposals. We will walk through those processes in the following sections.

Sponsor a proposal

You may recall that when you created a proposal to be admitted into the DAO, a member of the DAO is needed to sponsor your proposal before it was put up for a vote. Now that you are a member of the DAO you have the ability to sponsor new proposals.

NOTE: You are able to sponsor proposals that are created by others as well as your own.

1. Find a proposal to sponsor

On the proposals page you can use the “Filter By” dropdown menu to select “Unsponsored” to load all proposals that need to be sponsored. The first line of each proposal will tell you what kind of proposal it is. Remember: you are now a contributing member of a DAO and it is every member’s responsibility to learn what each proposal will do before sponsoring or voting on it. Take the time to browse the open proposals and select one that you would like to sponsor.

2. Review proposal

When you click into a proposal you will be able to read more information about it. Just like you needed to do when you requested to join the DAO, you will see the amount the person has put up as “Tribute” (will add to the DAO treasury) to join, and how many shares they wish to receive in return. For the FoundationsDAO it is reasonable to request 1 Share in exchange for 1 HAUS. For more complex proposals there can also be a link to the forum where discussion should happen before a proposal should be sponsored and voted on.

NOTE: If the person is asking for more than 1 share for tributing 1 HAUS it should not be sponsored.

3. Sponsor the proposal

If you are convinced that the proposal is worthy of being voted on, then you can sponsor it by depositing 0.05 Wrapped xDai. If you don’t already have this you can follow the tutorial to learn how to wrap xDai (the native token of the xDai network): Tutorial: How to convert xDAI to Wrapped xDAI (WrapETH)

Naturally you will need to approve the contract to access the Wrapped xDai in your wallet first, but then you can click the “Sponsor” button, approve the transaction and that’s it.

NOTE: This deposit will be returned to you once the proposal has been processed. (Minus the reward for processing, if one has been selected.)

Vote on a proposal

Once a proposal has been sponsored, it will take a minute or so to be able to be voted on.

After waiting a minute refresh the page and you will see that the proposal is up for a vote for the next 24 hours. You can then click on the green thumbs up icon to vote Yes, or the red thumbs down icon to vote No. Once you click on one a transaction window will pop up for you to approve and cast your vote. After 24 hours whether the vote passes or fails, it will go into the “grace period” this will give any DAO members that do not agree with the outcome of the vote the opportunity to “ragequit” by cashing their DAO shares in for an appropriate amount of funds from the treasury. This is a common feature of a Moloch DAO.

NOTE: Voting Yes or No will complete the RabbitHole Task.

Process a Proposal

Once the grace period ends the proposal will be ready to be processed. If the vote failed the proposal will simply be discarded, but if the vote passed, then the proposal will be enacted. In the case of a Member Request proposal, the person that requested will be admitted into the DAO, their tribute will be added to the treasury, and they will gain the amount of shares they requested.

On the proposals page you can use the “Filter By” dropdown menu to select “Ready for Processing” to load all proposals that are ready to process.

Click into the proposal and then click the “Process” button under the Actions heading on the right of the page. You will then need to confirm the transaction, and once it has gone through the proposal will be processed.

And that’s it! You now know how to create a proposal, sponsor a proposal, vote on a proposal and process a proposal. These are core actions to participating in a DAOHaus DAO.

Always remember to return to the RabbitHole site in order to redeem each Task and then mark the Quest/Skill as complete within the timeframe so that you will be eligible for the reward.

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