Introducing the Boost Creator Fund with 100K OP

Boosting Creator Growth on the Superchain

TL;DR For the month of May, Boost will be distributing a total of 100K OP to creators who drive the most boosted mint volume to the Superchain using Boost. Read on for more details!

Since the launch of Boost Inbox, we’ve seen more and more creators use Boost as an onchain advertising tool to promote and distribute their work through mints. Creators like Coop Records have successfully used Boost to draw attention to their work and create a new revenue stream. To further support creators, we are launching the Boost Creator Fund, allocating 100K OP to reward creators who drive mints with Boost.

How the Boost Creator Fund Works

From May 4th to June 1st, we will be allocating a total reward pool of 100K OP to creators boosting ZoraSound.xyzMirror or Pods mints on the Superchain (Base, OP Mainnet, Mode, Zora). Each week of the campaign, 10-40K OP will be distributed to the weekly winners.

How Does Scoring and Distribution Work?

Weekly scores are calculated based on the number of boosted mint completions driven. Any additional mints driven outside of boosts do not count toward your score.

To increase your score, additional multipliers are applied based on key metrics that matter to the Boost ecosystem. These metrics are:

  • Rewards Claimed ($USD): Amount of rewards ($USD) claimed by Boost Completors

  • Verified Farcaster Address: A Boost Completor wallet that is also a custody address associated with a Farcaster account

  • First Time Boost Completor: A new Boost Completor wallet to the Boost ecosystem

  • Unique Boost Completors: A unique Boost Completor wallet per boost

Scoring methodology and rules will change weekly. Check the Boost Creator Fund Leaderboard for the most up-to-date scoring methodology.

Weekly winners will be rewarded with an allocation of OP. Rewards are split based on the percentage of the total score across the weekly winners. The score will restart after each campaign week, meaning you have 4 weeks and 4 opportunities to be a winner!

If you are a recipient, the tokens will be distributed directly to the wallet that created the boosts. Rewards will be distributed over two months, starting a week after the close of each campaign week.

For more details, read the Boost Creator Fund FAQ.

Boost is the Supercharger for the Superchain

Our goal with the Boost Creator Fund is to reward creators stimulating the Superchain economy. Using Boost, onchain creators now have an easy way to grow their audience and revenue by driving distribution through the Boost network, similar to traditional advertising tools. By fueling the growth of creators, we believe that this will support the overall growth and liveliness of the Superchain.

Get Ready to Boost!

To participate, head to Boost Manager to deploy your first boost in minutes. You can also check out these additional resources for support:

*Disclaimer: Please note that campaign rules including point scoring and reward allocation, are subject to change at our discretion, and we reserve the right to disqualify any participant we suspect of manipulating the competition.

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