Boost Creator Fund FAQ

Last updated: May 18th, 2024

For the month of May, Boost will be distributing a total of 100K OP to creators who drive the most boosted mint volume to the Superchain using Boost. For full details, read the blog post!

This FAQ will be updated weekly for the duration of the Boost Creator Fund campaign. Check back regularly or follow Boost on Farcaster and Twitter for the latest updates.

General Questions

1. When did the campaign start and can I still participate?

The campaign officially started on May 4th. We are now in Week 3 where creators must apply and be approved to join. Submit your application and the team will respond to confirm your eligibility to participate.

If approved, you start by minting an NFT on Zora,, Mirror or Pods and boost it on Boost Manager. This week, creators can win from a reward pool of 30K OP.

2. What changed in Week 3 and why?

Week 3 will now start on May 20th at 1:00 UTC. In addition, creators will need to apply to participate.

Based on community feedback, rewarding the right creators who deserve the funds and play fair is important. So for Week 3, creators will need to fill out an application and be approved.

Once submitted, our team will respond within 24 hours. Every creator accepted for Week 3 will be rewarded. There is no deadline for application.

3. How are creators selected for Week 3?

We will select creators based on factors like their onchain identities and transaction history to determine if they are verified and fair users.

4. How do I know if I was approved for Week 3?

Approved creators will be notified and will see their wallet address on the Leaderboard for Week 3. If you don’t hear back, don’t worry, there will be more future opportunities to receive bonus rewards and funding!

5. Do all participants get rewarded?

Yes, in Week 3 all creators that applied and are approved will earn a portion of the 30K OP reward pool based on the percentage of their score to the total score of participants.

6. What boosts will count toward my Week 3 score?

From May 20th at 1:00 UTC to May 25th at 0:00 UTC, any boosted completions on Zora, Sound, Mirror and Pods mints with a reward of >$0.10 will count toward your Week 3 score.

If the duration of the boost continues after May 25th at 0:00 UTC, it can be eligible for the Week 4 scoring.

7. Can I boost any mints or just my own mints?

Any live mints on Zora, Sound, Mirror or Pods can be boosted. It can be published on any date and by any wallet address as long as the mint is active. However, for Zora mints, Boost can only support free mints or mints paid in ETH.

Weekly Scoring & Distribution Questions

8. Where can I check my weekly score, ranking and OP allocation?

To check your weekly score and ranking, head to the Boost Creator Fund Dune Dashboard. Please note that this dashboard provides estimated scoring to help creators keep track. At the end of the week, we will review the data and announce the official winners.

9. How are weekly scores calculated?

Weekly scores are calculated based on the number of boosted mint completions driven. Any additional mints driven outside of boosts do not count toward your score.

Additional multipliers based on key metrics that matter to the Boost ecosystem will also be applied to your score. These metrics are:

  • Rewards Claimed ($USD): Amount of rewards ($USD) claimed by Boost Completors

  • Verified Farcaster Address: A Boost Completor wallet that is also a custody address associated with a Farcaster account

  • First Time Boost Completor: A new Boost Completor wallet to the Boost ecosystem

  • Unique Boost Completors: A unique Boost Completor wallet per boost

Scoring methodology and rules will change weekly. Check the Boost Creator Fund Leaderboard for the most up-to-date scoring methodology.

10. How are rewards allocated to winners?

Yes, in Week 3 all creators that applied and are approved will earn a portion of the 30K OP reward pool. Rewards are split based on the percentage of their total score across the participants.

11. How do I receive my OP token rewards?

If you have been rewarded an allocation of the weekly OP reward pool, the tokens will be distributed directly to the wallet that created the boosts. Rewards will be distributed over two months, starting a week after the end of each campaign week.

How to Boost Questions

12. How do I boost a mint?

It only takes a few minutes to boost a Zora, Sound, Mirror or Pods mint. To start, read this guide for creators on how to deploy your first mint boost.

13. Can I use my social or community token as a reward?

Yes! You can use any ERC20 token (i.e. DEGEN, HIGHER, IMAGINE, etc.) to reward users for collecting the mint. Read this short guide on how to use custom token rewards on Boost.

14. What are some strategies to drive more mints?

The higher the reward is for collectors, the more likely they will complete your boost. You will have to experiment to see what works for your mints, but we typically recommend covering about 70-80% of the collector’s cost to transact. Keep in mind that incentivizing mints with Boost will also increase your organic discovery on trending pages to drive you more mints!

Helpful Resources

*Disclaimer: Please note that campaign rules including point scoring and reward allocation, are subject to change at our discretion, and we reserve the right to disqualify any participant we suspect of manipulating the competition.

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