Introducing Quest Terminal

Quest Terminal — Deploy high velocity airdrops in a few clicks

RabbitHole is thrilled to announce the Quest Terminal, a platform coming soon that brings our vision for the future of token distributions to life. As we've previously discussed, we believe high-velocity experiments, or "quests", represent the next era of airdrop programs, enabling phased approaches to foster rapid experimentation between projects and their token holders. The Quest Terminal embodies this philosophy by offering a fully onchain solution for creating quests and distributing ERC20 tokens as micro rewards with ease and efficiency.

With Quest Terminal, anyone can distribute tokens to protocol participants with just a few clicks. The platform surfaces real-time metrics of quest performance, providing valuable metrics and insights into participant behavior. This data empowers quest creators to make informed decisions, optimizing and iterating on their quest designs for maximum impact.

Quests deployed on the Quest Terminal are delivered to an expanding ecosystem of clients built on the Quest Protocol, such as

A full suite of tools to distribute for protocols to distribute high velocity, continuous airdrops to reward on-chain transactions
A full suite of tools to distribute for protocols to distribute high velocity, continuous airdrops to reward on-chain transactions

Core features of the Quest Terminal platform include:

  • Targeted Allowlists: Protocols can leverage targeted allowlists to attract high-quality users. Options for tailoring your quest include gating access based on sybil-resistance, token holders, whales, quest completion rate, or your own custom criteria.

  • Permissionless Creation: Quest Terminal democratizes quest creation, empowering anyone with a token to initiate a quest on behalf of the protocol, promoting decentralization.

  • Real-Time Quest Monitoring: Stay informed with real-time insights on quests directly from the Quest Terminal. Access valuable data such as participant completion, interactions with popular protocols, and the overall impact of the quest.

Get Early Access to Quest Terminal

RabbitHole is inviting protocols to join our Preferred Partner Program, launching in mid-May. Preferred Partners will enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

  • Early access to the Quest Terminal

  • 24/7 support from the team

  • A Preferred Partner Discount, which will be applicable even after the program

  • Access to a dedicated chat for discussing growth strategies with fellow partners

Requirements to be considered a partner in the program:

  • Has a live or upcoming token in the market

  • A protocol containing onchain actions on the EVM

  • Able and willing to deploy tokens to distribute to users

  • Smart contract audit

To apply for the preferred partner program, please fill out this form by May 8th.

The Future of Quest Terminal and RabbitHole

At RabbitHole, we are optimistic Quest Terminal will become a go-to solution for efficient token distribution among protocols. Our vision is to continuously improve and expand the Quest Terminal, making it even more open and accessible to empower the crypto community and drive innovation. For now, quests deployed on the Quest Terminal will appear on RabbitHole, connecting with a pool of crypto-native users eager to participate in various protocols.

Join us in our mission to make crypto more accessible by lowering barriers to protocol participation.

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