Introducing the Weekly Optimism Race by RabbitHole

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of crypto protocols? RabbitHole is thrilled to unveil the Weekly Optimism Race, your express lane into the heart of the Optimism Ecosystem. This event is designed to help new crypto enthusiasts like you explore the top-performing protocols on Optimism by completing on-chain quests.

Each week for the next 14 weeks, we'll be your trusted guide, spotlighting the most promising protocols on Optimism across all the major categories. But here's the catch: protocols need to hit their designated targets to retain their spot in the race. If they fail, they risk being replaced by another rising star in the Optimism ecosystem.

Racing Towards Richer Rewards

The Weekly Optimism Race isn't just about learning and exploration - it's also about rewards. Thanks to a generous grant of 248.5K OP, we will be distributing these funds to the users who successfully complete quests in the Weekly Optimism Race. The more quests you undertake, the more you're likely to qualify for future rewards.

Ready, Set, Race: Week 1 Challenges

For the inaugural week, protocols will need to reach their target transactions to stay in the competition. These targets are calculated based on transaction difficulty and other on-chain data. To keep things interesting, we've split each protocol into 3 tiers, factoring in their difficulty and usage.

Here's the starting lineup for Week 1:

(Bridge) Stargate - 2,500 Participants

(Lending) Exactly Finance - 2,500 Participants

(Derivatives) Lyra Finance - 2,500 Participants

(Governance) Agora - 5,000 Participants

(NFT/Social) Mirror - 10,000 Participants

(Decentralized Exchange) Velodrome - 10,000 Participants

Each quest will last approximately a week. If a protocol fails to attract its target participant count, it will be swapped out for a new contender in that category.

Protocols, want to join the race?

If you're an Optimism protocol looking to be part of this race, fill out this form, explaining why you'd be an excellent fit. Alternatively, if you're a non-Optimism protocol keen on running quests on RabbitHole, head over to our Quest Terminal.

Start your engines, participants, and welcome to the Weekly Optimism Race!

Mint this commemorative NFT to complete your first quest in week 1


Get Started on RabbitHole

Join the conversation on the Weekly Optimism Race by joining our Discord here. Alternatively, start completing quests on RabbitHole and earn rewards.

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