Optimism Weekly Race - Week 2 (mint inside)

What is the Optimism Weekly Race?

If you’re new, RabbitHole is distributing OP tokens over the next several weeks to users who complete onchain actions in the Optimism Ecosystem in a series of weekly challenges. Every Monday, we’ll be deploying new quests to users to explore the Optimism ecosystem. This week beings Week 2!

Week 1 Results

Week 1 of the Weekly Optimism Race is a wrap! In week 1, we had 13,531 quest completors complete ~30,000 quests!. As far as the race, Velodrome and Lyra have fallen out of the race. We thank them for their participation, and now we move to Week 2!

Week 2 Challenges:

In Week 2, we have the some familiar contestants from Week 1:

  • Mirror - 7500 redemptions to stay in the race

  • Stargate - 5000 redemptions to stay in the race

  • Agora - 7500 redemptions to stay in the race

  • Exactly - 5000 redemptions to stay in the race**

But we also have 2 new horses joining the race, which include Clipper and Cozy. They must achieve 7500 and 2500 redemptions respectively for this week to stay in the race!

Want to Join the Race?

If you're an Optimism protocol looking to be part of this race, fill out this form, explaining why you'd be an excellent fit. Alternatively, if you're a non-Optimism protocol keen on running quests on RabbitHole, head over to our Quest Terminal.

Let the Week 2 Race begin! Complete the first quest by minting the NFT below and redeem your quest on RabbitHole.

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