Introducing Mantle Network on Quest Protocol

We are happy to announce that Quest Protocol now supports Mantle Network. Quest participants can earn token rewards by completing Mantle quests on RabbitHole, the most trusted and transparent platform for earning rewards through onchain actions.

What is Mantle Network?

Mantle Network is a Layer-2 technology stack for scaling Ethereum that strives to be EVM-compatible. Built with a modular architecture, Mantle Network combines the use of rollups with an innovative data availability solution to offer Ethereum-grade security at lower costs.

Since its launch on mainnet earlier this year, Mantle’s total value locked has already crossed over $50 million, ranking it in the top 10 of all L2 networks. Additionally, Mantle Treasury currently sits at nearly $3 billion, making it the top protocol in terms of treasury value, surpassing other major players like Ethereum Foundation.

Mantle Network currently supports over 150+ dapps built on top, including FusionX, iZiSwap, Agni and much more. We are excited to support the network and its growing ecosystem of applications by inviting crypto-native users to engage and contribute to the network.

Explore Mantle Network on Quest Protocol

The first Mantle Network quests are now available on RabbitHole. Complete onchain actions on Mantle to unlock token rewards and potential future earning opportunities.

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