Introducing the Boost Guild

Boost’s mission is to increase global economic opportunities by making crypto more accessible and meritocratic. As a public good infrastructure, Boost is not controlled by a single entity. Rather, it’s controlled by a group of community stakeholders who have proven their merit onchain through contributions. This is the Boost Guild.

The Guild's primary goal is simple: to grow and govern Boost.

Boost grows as more incentive offers are deployed and completed, which grows the Boost Treasury along with it. For every successful boost transaction, the treasury earns a portion of the distributed rewards through the Boost Protocol Rewards.

The Boost Guild is responsible for creating actions that grow Boost, like funding community initiatives or whitelisting new tokens to be added to the protocol.

Roles in the Boost Guild

There are several roles in the Boost Guild that work together to grow and govern Boost. Each role has a special function and role to play to make Boost successful. They are as follows:

Core Team 
The Core Team are core contributors of Boost that make decisions relating to specific admin actions. They are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and paying the operating costs for the network.

Moderators are high-value participants that have proven their loyalty and commitment to the guild mission through their onchain contributions and transaction value. They are granted the ability to make a number of protocol and Guild decisions, including which tokens to whitelist or onchain actions to add to the protocol. They also govern the acceptance of Contributors and can add or remove members.

Contributors are responsible for providing innovative ideas by initiating proposals on how to spend treasury funds for growth. Proposals are then voted on by the Boost Pass holders. Contributors are currently selected by Moderators.

Community members are Boost Pass holders who can vote on proposals made by Contributors. This role allows users to demonstrate the value of their onchain contributions and progressively elevate their role within the Guild.

Boost Guild members are stewards of alignment

For each successful Boost transaction, the Guild receives a 10% share of the distributed token rewards. This reward is a recognition of the Guild's efforts in facilitating and driving the completion of boosts.

In addition to this, a small standard claim fee on every boost transaction is collected and distributed to the Boost Guild. While traditional organizations keep profits closed to themselves, the Boost Guild is responsible for distributing the revenue back to the community. They are stewards of alignment that support the healthy growth of several large crypto protocols and the growth of crypto users.

To learn more about how rewards are distributed among participants, read about Boost Protocol Rewards.

Boost Guild’s Guiding Principles

The Boost Guild operates on these core guiding principles that all members must adhere to:

  1. Open-source advocates: We believe in open > closed systems. The Boost Protocol and all related tools are open source, enabling anyone to contribute, audit, and improve upon.

  2. Onchain devotion: We stand firm on decentralization by conducting all operations and governance onchain, ensuring security, transparency, and alignment.

  3. Transparency: Every decision and action is open for scrutiny, reinforcing our commitment to clear and transparent governance.

  4. Merit-based rewards: Recognition and rewards are strictly based on contributions and achievements, honoring the value brought by high-value participants.

  5. Action-oriented: We focus on initiatives that drive real, measurable onchain activity, ensuring our efforts translate into tangible ecosystem impacts.

These principles are the bedrock of the Boost Guild and serve to guide the actions and decisions that will lead the ecosystem toward a better, decentralized future that benefits all.

What’s next?

The Boost Guild is an iterative and evolving governance system. As it grows and expands, it will continue to transform based on the community’s decision on what brings the most alignment to all participants.

In the coming month, we will open up the next wave of applications for Contributor roles. Boost Pass holders will also begin to onboard to the Guild for voting.

To start, you can join as a Community member by minting your Boost Pass now. This will give your voting rights in the Guild, as well as early access to Boost Inbox when it launches.

Let’s boost together!

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