Tutorial: How to Join Communities on Lenster
August 11th, 2022

Twitter and Discord have both been big pillars of the web3 community for a while. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a real decentralized place to pool together and share our ideas (and memes).

Well, the Lens Protocol solution to Twitter, Lenster, offers you a possible solution that just might do the trick. Welcome to Lenster Communities!

Today, we’ll be joining the official RabbitHole community on Lenster, time to learn with other quest rabbits, web3 style!

What You’ll Need to Complete this Task

In order to complete this task, you’ll need the following:

We explored decentralized social media in more detail on our Learn Hub article on the subject, if you’re interested in reading more about it.

Before we Start

We’ve got a lot of useful guides about navigating the Lens ecosystem and Lenster in particular. If you’d like to learn more, check out these useful resources:

Already know all that? Then it’s time to jump in.

How to Join Communities in Lenster.

You know the drill: First you switch over to Polygon on your wallet via Chainlist.org. Then you log-in to Lenster, and after that you’re ready to go.

For now, your best chance at finding interesting communities on Lenster will be through the people you follow and the projects you already trust. You can also check out Lenster’s dedicated “Communities” tab.

We expect Lens and Lenster to get some traction as people start pooling in, so it woudn’t suprise us if you started seeing official Lenster links on your favorite project’s discord.

Joining a community is pretty much the same process as following accounts. You click the “join” button and sign the transaction, with the added benefit that you’ll now be able to post and comment on an exclusive separate feed. Try it out! Join our official RabbitHole community

You’re all Done!

You’re ready to participate in Lenster communities, make meaningful connections and explore this side of the decentralized web. Now it’s time to learn how to post and collect Lenster posts!

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