Introducing Boost Inbox, the Next Evolution of RabbitHole

There’s a better way to earn onchain - it’s called Boost


  • Quest Protocol that powers RabbitHole is becoming Boost.

  • Boost Inbox, the successor to RabbitHole, will become the primary earning platform to discover and receive incentive offers called boosts. It is set to go live in February 2024.

  • RabbitHole will be migrating to Boost Inbox in early April. All activity on RabbitHole will be ported over to Boost Inbox, where you will continue to receive exclusive earning opportunities.

  • Mint your Boost Pass to get early access to Boost Inbox, plus become a member of the Boost Guild, a coalition of community stakeholders that govern Boost Protocol.

Our mission has always been to increase global economic opportunities by making crypto more accessible and meritocratic. To do this, we've focused on empowering users through meaningful onchain activities and education.

But what happens next with all the valuable activity you’ve built up so far? Today, we want to share the exciting next evolution of RabbitHole that will unlock the full value of your onchain transactions. We call this boost, targeted onchain incentive offers that you can discover and receive on Boost Inbox.

Boosts are incentive offers to do things onchain

The most rewarding and engaging incentives are ones that are dynamic, targeted, and relevant to you. The more value you bring onchain, the more valuable incentive offers you should receive. This includes higher token rewards, exclusive offers and even ownership.

Boost is how anyone can target and incentivize you with token rewards based on the value of your onchain activity. To receive your offers, you can find them on Boost Inbox, the main interface to discover and receive public and targeted boosts. Just like how you receive offers in your email inbox to buy things online, Boost Inbox is where you receive incentive offers to do things onchain.

To enhance your earning experience, you can opt to provide more identifying information by minting a Boost Pass. Proving your onchain value and reputation will help projects and individuals identify you as a valuable user so they can offer you higher-quality incentive offers.

Boost Pass is your ticket to higher rewards and ownership

Boost Pass is a Soulbound ERC-721 that gives early access on Inbox, exclusive rewards, and voting rights on the Boost Treasury. It acts as a digital representation of your onchain profile and achievements, specifically tracking your activities across leading Layer 2 networks like Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base.

Minting a Boost Pass unlocks several exclusive advantages:

  • Enhanced incentives offers: Depending on your Boost Pass rank, you can become eligible for higher boost rewards.

  • Governance rights: Boost Pass holders are granted voting rights in the Boost Guild, a coalition of community stakeholders that govern Boost Protocol's treasury Mint yospending.

  • Personalized onchain insight: Get a detailed view of your wallet's onchain history and attributes to track your crypto journey.

  • Early access to Inbox: Get early access to the Boost Inbox earning platform when it rolls out February 2024.

Owning a Boost Pass makes it easy for you to track and optimize your onchain reputation. Improve your rank and reputation to get better incentive offers!

What will happen to RabbitHole?

Boost Inbox will be launching soon in February 2024. RabbitHole will gradually transition and fully merge into Boost Inbox by early April.

As for your onchain progress and achievements on RabbitHole, it will seamlessly port to Boost Inbox and contribute to your onchain reputation for exclusive incentive offers. We are excited to bring you a more engaging experience that will unlock the full value of your onchain contributions!

What’s next?

To get early access to Boost Inbox when it launches, you can start by minting your Boost Pass. We will continue to announce more details as Boost Inbox rolls out and how you can start participating in the Boost Guild as a Boost Pass holder.

A new era is upon us - let’s get boosting!

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What is Boost Inbox and how does it differ from RabbitHole? Boost Inbox is the successor to RabbitHole and will become the primary platform for discovering and receiving boosts. It will offer a more dynamic and personalized experience for earning incentives based on your onchain activities.

When will Boost Inbox go live and what will happen to RabbitHole? Boost Inbox is set to go live in February 2024. RabbitHole will fully transition to Boost Inbox by early April, at which point the RabbitHole platform will be redirected to Boost Inbox.

What will happen to all my existing RabbitHole achievements and progress? Your achievements and progress on RabbitHole will be transferred to Boost Inbox and will contribute to your Boost reputation to ensure continuity and recognition of your onchain contributions.

What is the Boost Guild and how can I participate? The Boost Guild is a coalition of community stakeholders responsible for governing the Boost Protocol and its treasury. By owning a Boost Pass, you are granted voting rights on how the Boost Treasury should be spent. Be sure to follow Boost Inbox on Twitter as we announce more details about the guild in the coming weeks!

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