Introducing RabbitHole V2

Today, we’re excited to launch RabbitHole V2. With RabbitHole V2 comes a brand new look, new features, and an all new Quest Protocol to make RabbitHole a better experience for users and a more powerful tool for protocols looking to distribute their token.

New Features in RabbitHole V2

We’ve received feedback that RabbitHole had too much friction to get started, requiring users to get verified in various platforms to start completing quests. We’ve also had feedback that it took too long to receive quest rewards. Finally, we received feedback that it was hard for users to differentiate between Skills and Quests. Here’s the changes that we’re making to the platform:

  • Allowlists, A New Way to Become Eligible - Every quest is a new opportunity and new smart contract. To become eligible for new quests is completely dependent on the needs of the project. For example, the project may want to create an allowlist of users who are token holders, or an allowlist of new users to the project. You’ll only see quests on the platform that you’re eligible for.

  • Quest Receipts, a New Way to Claim - Rewards from quests are now easier to claim thanks to Quest Receipts. After a user completes a quest, a user will become eligible to mint a “Quest Receipt” marking proof-of-completion in the Quest. Users can use the Quest Receipt to claim the quest reward. If users don’t want the quest reward, they can sell their Quest Receipt on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea.

  • Goodbye Skills, Hello Beginner Quests - We’ve decided to remove Skills from the platform and make RabbitHole accessible by having Quests that are open to everyone. If you minted a credential on RabbitHole, don’t worry, your proof-of-completion is still on-chain and lives in your wallet forever. It may even make you eligible for some upcoming quests!

Quest Protocol

We’ve spent the past few months working on moving our quest infrastructure on-chain so both projects and users can transparently see the status of quests. We believe that having transparency will only make RabbitHole safer to use and increase trust between all participants in the ecosystem. This is part of a larger goal in moving RabbitHole to a permissionless quest creation model, where anyone with the right eligibility can spin up a quest and assign on-chain work.

The Future of RabbitHole

Aside from having more quests and rewards in the future, we believe that on-chain work is going to be one of the most common ways to earn income online. We’re still in the early stages of it, with most protocols being built for speculation rather than utility. But as more protocols come online over the next decade, we’ll see new types of protocols that require users to complete on-chain actions to increase the benefits of the network, like Golden, Helium, or Dimo.

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