RabbitHole raises 3.6M to build the on-chain resume for the future of work
  • RabbitHole has received $3.6M of financing led by Electric Capital.
  • RabbitHole helps individuals go down the “crypto rabbit hole” by rewarding them for using crypto applications on smart contract blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon.
  • Skills entitle users to participate in unique opportunities such as new token distributions and becoming a contributor to a crypto project

If you’re reading this, you already know the crypto ecosystem exploded over the past year.

Hundreds of new protocols launched. Tens of billions in new capital were locked into smart contracts. The next generation of crypto-natives began scrambling towards participation and ownership within this new financial stack.

As a result, two problems emerged:

  1. Protocols had more difficulty than ever finding and attracting the best on-chain users and participants;
  2. Users had a hard time understanding how best to apply their skills to the right protocols.

RabbitHole solves this problem by becoming the premier on-chain platform for participant acquisition.

Since our launch in December, we’ve worked with dozens of teams like Matcha, OpenSea, Gnosis, Aave, mStable, Perpetual Protocol, ENS and PoolTogether to help these protocols start spending treasury money on tailored community discovery. Here are some of our recent highlights:

  • 10,000+ addresses have completed a task on RabbitHole;
  • $100,000+ in rewards have been distributed by projects to users who completed tasks;
  • RabbitHole increased PoolTogether’s user base on Polygon by 300%

Today, RabbitHole helps projects increase participation and find contributors

RabbitHole has created the infrastructure to help launch any token to find the right stewards for a network -- here’s how we do it:

  • A loyal user-base who is looking for new projects to use and contribute to.
  • The ability to track actions for any smart contract, powered by The Graph.
  • Distribute tokens and NFTs to users for completing on-chain tasks (Called “quests”).
  • Built-in sybil-resistance with the ability for protocols and users to filter by skills like Lending, Asset Management, NFT Creator, and more.
  • Full analytics and case study breakdowns of how RabbitHole users are contributing towards the protocol over time.

Compared to less sophisticated customer acquisition campaigns -- like retroactive airdrops -- RabbitHole requires users to interact and engage on-chain with each protocol, satisfying pre-defined KPIs before token rewards are granted.

In addition, RabitHole’s fee for providing these services is paid in the form of a project’s token, which RabbitHole intends to use to become a key voice in governance, with a focus on increasing user participation over short-term price maximization.

Learn more about our commitment to governance.

Tomorrow, your wallet will be your résumé -- powered by RabbitHole.

We’re not stopping there. At RabbitHole, we also believe Web3’s core building blocks can be organized in a way to fundamentally reshape the future of work and talent organization. By curating an on-chain graph of a user’s prior achievements, RabbitHole can develop a system of verifiable credentials.

In the future, you might be classed as a Protocol Politician on RabbitHole, so long as you pass a proposal in a well-known protocol that requires a high quorum. Or maybe RabbitHole will identify you as an Advanced Asset Manager if you achieved a specific ROI/TVL threshold in an on-chain fund with Enzyme.

Projects can then use these credentials on RabbitHole to locate the best future participants and contributors.

Web3’s future is one of interoperable reputation. Powered by RabbitHole, your wallet will be your résumé.

Become a Pathfinder and help build the future of work with RabbitHole.

RabbitHole’s north star is to decentralize into a DAO -- with a mission to help networks grow on-chain users and contributors over the life of each project. To do so, we will begin to progressively decentralize the process of creating quests.

Today -- quests are broken down into four core parts: proposal creation, subgraph development, quest rewards, and content creation. Soon, RabbitHole will decentralize each core part of the quest lifecycle to four unique roles called “Pathfinders”. The four roles are as follows:

  1. Stewards” - These are governance proposal writers rewarded for creating proposals on other protocols to bring in new RabbitHole quests.

  2. Navigators” - These are developers rewarded for creating subgraphs on The Graph to track completions of different tasks on specific protocols RabbitHole works alongside.

  3. Craftsman” - These are NFT creators rewarded for creating trophies that are distributed to users for completing specific quests.

  4. Pioneers”- These are content creators rewarded for creating content specific to individual tasks, guiding users down the nebulous rabbit hole.

These roles are critical to the success of RabbitHole as it begins its transition into a decentralized platform. Importantly -- while we’re not ready to unveil the full details of the Pathfinder Program just yet, we’re starting to gather interest from those in the community who might be interested in becoming a Pathfinder, and contributing towards the future of work.

If you’re interested in becoming a Pathfinder, you can find more details and apply here.

New round of funding to bring more participation to crypto

We’re excited to bring on new partners to RabbitHole to help us accomplish our mission of bringing more participation to the crypto ecosystem. We welcome Electric Capital, ParaFi Capital, Framework Ventures, Edge & Node, Chapter One, and Late Checkout. We also welcome new angels including Balaji Srinivasan, Larry Sukernik, and MonetSupply. We’re also excited to have many of our original investors back with us again -- including Collab+Currency, Slow Ventures, and Tony Sheng.

We’re building toward a future of truly distributed, merit-based protocol work and ownership.

Want to join the movement full-time? We’re hiring! Apply here.

Interested in the DAO life instead or just getting started in crypto? Apply for our Pathfinder Program

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