RabbitHole Quests x NFT Artists

RabbitHole's mission has been to connect people curious and active in web3 to some of the best protocols and projects in this space. To date, we've partnered with leading web3 protocols like Uniswap, ENS, Lido, and Aave to help them expand their audience and distribute thousands of tokens to our users.

Our analysis shows that people engaged with RabbitHole Quests and who have RabbitHole credentials are more likely to be high-quality participants in the ecosystem.

The guiding light has always been to create value for both participants and projects. And to expand on this, we're looking to help next-gen NFT artists build their communities.

Using RabbitHole Quests to build artist communities

In the past, RabbitHole Quests have rewarded participants by distributing a mix of governance tokens and NFTs. We want to use the same approach to distribute NFTs from artists like yourself so that our community and the creatives making this space grow can do so together.

  • For artists, you could think of this program as a way to reach thousands of new collectors and bring them into your community.
  • For collectors and users, you get rewarded with a new artist's NFT while discovering exciting things to do in web3.

The principle remains the same: RabbitHole users get the best guide through web3 tasks while earning valuable rewards. But now, artists can showcase their work and grow their communities simultaneously.

We're experimenting with this new format and looking for artists who want to participate.

Here's how it works

  • Apply to participate here.
    • Our team will review your application and get back to you.
  • We commission you for NFTs.
    • We want to retain your style. After all, this is your NFT!
  • We promote your art as a reward for our Quest.
    • A campaign around your art. People complete the Quest to become eligible to receive your art.
  • We distribute your NFT and grow your community of collectors.

Let's partner and experiment with RabbitHole Quests in an exciting new way!

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