Tutorial: Rabbithole <> BrightID

Hi y'all 👋 RabbitHole uses BrightID to ensure human verification of users so that everyone can have fun in the Metaverse ✨ free from bots and scammers. Once you set up your BrightID, there are more opportunities for you to interact with other crypto applications with full confidence that you are among mensch.

🚀 Let's go 🎢

Part 1 link: bit.ly/Part1BrightID

Part 2 link: bit.ly/Part2BrightID

Part 3 link: bit.ly/Part3BrightID

This post teaches you how to set up BrightID, step by step, in written form below.

1. Download BrightID on your mobile device.

  • Here's the link for Android
  • Here's the link for iOS
  • Follow on screen instructions. Set up your username and photo.

2. Read through BrightID's gitbook for more context.

3. Attend a connection party.

  • Go to this link https://meet.brightid.org/#/.
  • Find a time that is suitable for you and attend the zoom meeting. I attended 2 where no one showed up and the host didn't let me in; I was freaking out and asking my friends to verify me. Be patient, just stay on for another 15 min waiting for the host to let you in. I finally got in my third connection party.
  • Your zoom BrightID host will tell you everything you need to know about getting verified and will verify you along with others in your group. Your host will tell you that it takes 1hour before you are verified in the system. You will need to wait 1hour before you can proceed to linking your BrightID with Rabbithole. Your host will also answer any additional questions you have at the end.

Part 1 (Steps 1 - 3) video tutorial link.

4. Set up your wallet.

  • Personally, I used my Metamask wallet. If you don't know how to link Rabbithole to your Metamask, you probably just haven't used MetaMask before.
  • Google "Metamask" and download the chrome extension (my recommendation).
  • Once it's downloaded, make your own Metamask account. Follow on screen instructions to set up your password.

Part 2 (Step 4) video tutorial link.

  • Connect your Metamask to your Rabbithole account by clicking "Connect Wallet" on the top right of app.rabbithole.gg.
  • Let's switch over to BrightID.
  • Here's the URL about how to link.
  • Here's the link to actually link.
  • On the previous link, click on Rabbithole among all the choices of applications to link BrightID. It will open up a new window for Rabbithole. You can then scan a QR code with your BrightID app to link. Next step is how.
  • Open up the BrightID app on your phone, hit "Scan a Code," then scan the QR code on your desktop.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.
  • Rabbithole will be sponsoring you. Do not freak out if you don't have a "sponsor" to be verified. You should be verified and linked!

6. Verify Task Completion on Rabbithole.

  • Make sure you have Rabbithole's url for this skill open.
  • You already started task from #5.
  • Click "Redeem" in the top right on the page.
  • Metamask extension will pop up and you will click "Sign."
  • Now, your task says it's "Redeemed." You now have 100XP points for your Rabbithole profile.
  • Click "Back to Skill" on the left.
  • Then click "Complete Skill" on the right.
  • Metamask extension will pop up and you will click "Sign."
  • ALL DONE ✅

Part 3 (Steps 5 & 6) video tutorial link.

Hope you're ready for more quests and skills to master! See you around.

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