Introducing zkSync Quests to RabbitHole

RabbitHole is thrilled to announce our support for quests on zkSync Era, the Ethereum L2 scaling solution developed by Matter Labs. For those new to RabbitHole, quests are a unique way to learn about and interact with different aspects of the crypto ecosystem while earning token rewards for the actions you perform.

Ethereum's L2 solutions like zkSync are crucial for the crypto ecosystem as they offer fast, inexpensive transactions while alleviating congestion on the Ethereum mainnet. This contributes to a more efficient and accessible Ethereum network for all users. In addition to zkSync, RabbitHole will be adding support for other L2s over the coming months as well.

Matter Labs, the creator of zkSync, has secured a total of $458m in funding from leading investors including Blockchain Capital, A16Z, Dragonfly, and Lightspeed Ventures. Since the network's launch in March, zkSync Era has quickly become one of the most popular L2 solutions, with over 1.5 million addresses and a TVL exceeding $500 million.

The first zkSync Era quests are now available on RabbitHole and include SyncSwap, EraLend, and Maverick. Each quest enables users to earn NFT rewards while building their onchain history in the zkSync ecosystem. The more quests you complete, the more quest rewards you become eligible for.

We invite you to start your journey on zkSync with RabbitHole today and experience the future of ZK L2 technology firsthand! Start completing quests here

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