Introducing Skills v2: On-chain Credentials
May 24th, 2022

Charting a path for users to become contributors in web3 based on verifiable, on-chain credentials

We started RabbitHole to promote the mission of Participation over Speculation. From liquidity mining and yield farming in DeFi to minting and flipping NFTs, there’s no shortage of speculation games in crypto today. The unfortunate truth is only a small minority of web3 users are actually becoming contributors to projects they use. To build a more accessible, sustainable web3, we need long term thinkers & builders who think about contributing over using. We need participants, not speculators.

As we set out on our journey to fight speculation in crypto, we launched Quests to help connect projects with new token holders. The next step in our journey is to help guide those token holders deeper down the crypto rabbit hole to become contributors to the same protocols we first introduced them to.

The Path to On-Chain Credentials

Building your knowledge and objectively verifying it is an important part of the contributor journey in web3. So to support token holders in becoming contributors, and make learning more contextual and valuable, we’re leaning in on skill building and on-chain credentials in this next chapter of RabbitHole’s history*.*

Our product will reflect this focus. Instead of earning XP points, a newly revamped skill building experience will take center stage. Our Adventure Badge NFT minting experience commemorated early RH supporters who earned XP through completing Skills; we’ve now replaced XP with a long-term focus on learning and contributing.

This new experience should add context to the skills you build on RabbitHole, helping make your web3 journey easier to navigate. Starting with DAOs, DeFi, and NFTs, we’ll create building blocks for learning web3, allowing you to earn RabbitHole Credentials: soulbound NFTs obtained by completing Skills, a set of on-chain tasks to verify knowledge of web3 concepts. As our industry matures, necessary knowledge will evolve and new Credentials will emerge to fill the gap, helping crypto projects find the right person for the right job at the right time.

Soon contributors will use their RabbitHole Credentials to unlock new learning, working, and earning opportunities — both in the RabbitHole ecosystem and throughout the rest of web3. Entry to DAOs, access to smart contracts, invitations to invest, and more can all be enabled with RabbitHole Credentials. And the best part: your Credentials are entirely yours — you can bring them along wherever your web3 journey may take you.

Over time, we’ll decentralize curation of what makes up a Credential into the hands of our community. The RabbitHole community will decide together what tasks are necessary to earn which Credentials while exploring new use cases and value drivers. There’s a long road ahead, but the vision is clear — chart a path for users to become contributors in web3 based on verifiable, on-chain credentials.

We’re excited to build with our community, and we’ll share more details about ways you can get involved in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for letting us help guide your crypto journey.


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