Introducing Quests on Base

Starting this week, users are able to deploy Base quests on Quest Terminal and complete Base quests on RabbitHole. Base is an L2 built by Coinbase on Optimism’s OP Stack, a public good that stands to benefit the Ethereum network. We’re excited to support Coinbase and their shared mission of economic freedom.

Base has already had $192m total value locked just three weeks into the network launching, with dozens of unique applications built on top like and We are excited to support new applications launching on top of Base, who can tap into RabbitHole’s crypto-native userbase using Quest Terminal.

If you want to get access to more quests on Base, consider bridging ETH to Base and building activity on a single wallet. The more activity you complete, the more you prove your value, and the more potential earning opportunities that you become eligible for.

The first Base quests are now live on RabbitHole, which include Tokepad and BaseSwap. Each quest enables users to earn NFT rewards which enable users to build their onchain activity in the Base ecosystem.

We invite you to start your journey on Base with RabbitHole today and experience what onchain summer has to offer.

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