How To Mint an Entry on Mirror

Tyler Internet
March 24th, 2022

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When you think about NFTs, written articles aren’t the first thing that come to mind. But Mirror is quickly changing that. In this guide, we’re going to dive into Mirror - a web3 toolkit for sharing stories, funding ideas, and turning text-based content into NFTs - and mint an entry of our own!

What Do I Need?

Before we begin, let’s make sure you have your gear in order. To mint an entry on Mirror, you will need:

  • An Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask or Rainbow
  • Some ETH in your wallet to mint your article as an NFT. It is free to publish an article on Mirror, but minting it as an NFT will require gas fees.

If you need help getting set up, head over to our YouTube Channel. There, you’ll find guides for setting up your wallet and purchasing some ETH!

NFTs & Mirror

While today’s most popular NFTs are image-based, pictures are just a fraction of what NFTs are capable of. At their core, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are simply proofs of ownership written on a blockchain. These proofs of ownership represent an asset, digital or physical, and link it to an individual's blockchain address. The result is a publicly verifiable file, showing a certain thing owned by a certain person.

So, can an article be an NFT? Absolutely!

At first glance, Mirror may just look like a web3 platform for publishing and monetizing articles — something like a blockchain-based Medium or Substack. But under the hood, Mirror is a powerful tool for creating content and building communities. It gives you everything you need for minting NFTs, crowdfunding, splitting proceeds from sales, and even minting ERC20 tokens to distribute to new community members.

Today, we’re going to write our first Mirror entries and mint them as NFTs. Let’s go!

The Guide

Step 1

First, head to and connect your wallet with the button in the top-right corner.

Step 2

If this is your first time using Mirror, go to the Settings tab in the left toolbar to set your profile picture, bio, color theme, and display name.

Step 3

Once you're happy with your profile settings, go back to the Entries tab and click Create Your First Entry.

Step 4

Now on the Write page, you’ll have access to Mirror’s text editor. This includes all of the writing platform essentials - headings, bulleted lists, images, and blockquotes. Go ahead and write your article! If you’re stumped and looking for inspiration, hop into the RabbitHole community Discord for ideas to get your started!

You will also have access to a number of web3 tools for monetizing your work and incorporating other NFTs. These include Crowdfund, Edition, Auction, Split, and NFT Preview. We won’t be using these for our first entry, but you can learn more about them here!

Step 5

After you have written your article, click the gear in the top-right corner to bring up your article settings. Upload a header image (3000x1500 px) and enter a meta title and entry excerpt. Your header image will also represent your entry NFT when it is minted.

Once you're done, check your meta preview at the bottom of the article settings. This will show you how your article will appear on Mirror, search engines, and social media platforms. This is also a good time to save your article as a draft if you haven’t done so already. Just click Save Draft at the top.

Step 6

Now that you have a written article, a header image, and your meta settings all filled out, it’s time to give everything a good double-check. Once your article is minted as an NFT, you will not be able to make any edits or updates to it.

As with any NFT you mint, this article will forever be associated with your wallet! Even if you sell it, your wallet address will be shown as the original creator. So be sure to mint an original, quality article that you are happy to be associated with.

Step 7

If everything looks good to go, it’s time to publish and mint! Click Publish and check the Mint as NFT Edition box. A final menu will appear. If you haven’t added a header image yet you can do so here.

This menu will also contain the very important Funds recipient box. This is the wallet address that funds will be sent to when your NFT sells. Copy your wallet address by clicking it and then paste it into this box.

Step 8

Give everything one final review and, when you’re ready, click Publish And Mint Entry. You will be minting this as an NFT on the blockchain, so you will need to pay a gas fee. Confirm this transaction in your wallet and pay the gas fee to mint your entry!


And that’s it! This transaction will take a few minutes to confirm, but once it has, you’ll have officially minted your Mirror entry as an NFT!

Minting on Mirror is just one part of our NFT journey this season. To go deeper down the NFT rabbit hole, hop over to our other guides for minting an NFT on Zora and joining a party on PartyBid!

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