Arbitrum Boost Grant Program

Boost your project with a quest grant from Quest Protocol

We are thrilled to announce that Quest Protocol has been granted 1M ARB from Arbitrum STIP to grow the ecosystem. Over the next few months, we will be running a series of high-performance acquisition and engagement quests to grow the Arbitrum ecosystem. To achieve our goals, we are looking to work closely with various Arbitrum projects to strategically run quest campaigns to boost project activity and user growth.

Program Overview

We will be distributing the 1M ARB by allocating a minimum quest budget of 20k ARB to each eligible Arbitrum project. These funds will be strategically distributed back to the community over the course of 3-months through quest campaigns run by our in-house analysts and growth marketers.

The quest campaigns will be optimized to specifically boost user acquisition, engagement and retention. During this time, we expect to work closely with project teams to amplify the reach of quests across the ecosystem.

You can check out our case studies with Optimism and Uniswap.

Details and Requirements

To be part of the program and have quests deployed for your project, we welcome all Arbitrum projects to apply and receive an allocation of the funds. Fellow Arbitrum STIP recipients and Quest Protocol’s current projects are also eligible. Note that in our internal review process, we will be focused on selecting projects that are interested in long-term usage rather than speculative growth.

Here are the details:

  • Grant amount: A minimum of 20k ARB per project

  • Duration of program: 3 months

  • Project Requirements:

    • All projects must be built on the Arbitrum network

    • An integration of your project with Quest Protocol via a custom-built plugin

    • An official co-marketing partnership, which may include social media collaborations, AMAs, case studies, emails and more

In addition, we will allocate extra ARB to projects interested in building an SDK integration on Quest Protocol and projects interested in matching their grant with additional token distributions. Learn more about QuestSDK.

To apply to have your project boosted, fill out this form.

Deadline for applications is December 18th, 2023 at 00:00 UTC.

Stay in the Loop

To keep track of all the projects selected in this program, we will be publishing a Dune Dashboard to transparently showcase the impact of quest campaigns in real-time. If you have questions or require additional support, get in touch with our team on Discord. For the latest updates, follow Quest Protocol on Twitter.

About Quest Protocol

Quest Protocol is the most efficient way for anyone to target, acquire, and engage onchain users with token rewards. Built on a foundation of transparency, efficiency, and decentralization, anyone can deploy a quest, access the data and build on top of Quest Protocol. The quest starter-kit includes RabbitHole, the leading frontend client of Quest Protocol with a distribution network of over 300,000 onchain users. To learn more, visit our documentation center.

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